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We are a one stop centre for all your logistic needs. We have a diverse range of facilities with the expertise to utilize them to the fullest. Our role as solution provider means that we complement your business by bringing in superior logistics requirement.

"Aqal logistics customer- friendly shipping professionals aim to optimize customer's business. Ensuring the most efficient routes and modes of transport while reducing costs. Therefore making all the crucial decisions for you. Our shipping routes has strong connectivity with the Intra- Asian region and able to encompass globally."

Port Agency

As the central conduit between the vessel and the relevant local authorities, we shall efficiently coordinate with all relevant parties during the relevant phases of the Port Call.  

  • Preparation of relevant documentation relating to the Port Call
  • Providing advices and liaising with Port Authorities
  • Arrival and Departure arrangements of Pilotage and Harbour Tugs
  • Handling Immigration matters
  • Mooring assistance
  • Cash to Master
  • Crew Change
  • Certification Renewals

Ship Agency

Our comprehensive Ship Agency services allow us to assume overall handling on your behalf, all aspects pertaining to your specific requirements and interests.

With outstanding local knowledge and our strength in our network relationships, we make your port call as streamlined and hassle free as possible. Our marine professionals combine years of expert experience and pride ourselves on excellent service performance.

All of our ship agency services are customized depending on a range of needs and we proactively encourage our clients to approach us with their requirements no matter the size and complexity.

  • Pre-Arrival communication and arrangements.
  • Arrival coordination and arrangements.
  • Port Stay supervision and arrangements
  • Departure coordination and arrangements
  • Documentation processing such as BL, SOF, LOU, NOA, etc
  • Frequent liaising and updates to Clients Office and Reps
  • Handling Cash-To-Master and Crew matters
  • Onboard attendances
  • Certification renewals
  • Reports submissions
  • Providing updates on port situation
  • Assisting with any post-call issues

Offshore Support

Towage Management (Tow Coordinators) - With a multifunctional team combining years of maritime experience, we integrate all aspects of the towage process under one synchronized management program. With our Tow Manuals always in accordance to ensure smooth approvals by Marine Warranty Surveyors (MWS).

Tow Masters and Crew – Clients can be assured that our Tow Masters have vast local knowledge coupled with years of technical experience. Furthermore, our Tow masters develop the passage plan taking into account all safety considerations and strong marine knowledge.

Marine Advisors – Onboard to provide consultative advice and aid the Master and his Officers as expert local knowledge is required, depending on the specifics of the offshore job.

Marine Communicators – Our marine communicators are highly conscientious when it comes to relaying messages, providing commentary and liaison between the multi parties of local port authorities, superintendent office, technical office, Master and stakeholders involved with the offshore operations.

HAZID / HAZOP – Full hazard identification and operational hazard inspection services are available and will be administered by fully certified professionals.

We have built a credible reputation in recent years for our Towage Management for marine vessels such as Bulk Carriers, Tankers, VLCC, and for the oil and gas upstream vessels such as FPSO, FSO and Drillships.

  • Fresh Water supply at Inner Port Limits (IPL)
  • Fresh Water supply at Outer Port Limits (OPL – East & West)
  • Engineering Material Supplies
  • Bunker supply of IFO, MDO, MGO
  • Procurement of Ship Spares

Marine Engineering Services

  • Afloat & Emergency Repairs
  • Repair, Overhauling, Rewinding & Modifications of all types of Motors
  • Riding crew & Voyage Repairs
  • Rewinding and servicing of Transformer
  • Fabrication of switchboard, control panels, etc.
  • Mechanical Work, Steel Work & Pipe Work
  • New electrical installations & designing of Electrical Circuits
  • Testing and Calibrations of circuit breakers, transducers, thermocouple, etc.
  • Instrumentation & Automation Work
  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic Works
  • Scaffolding work
  • Troubleshooting, Diagnosis and Servicing if general control, AVR, etc.
  • Repair / Renew of restacking of stator laminator core
  • Skimming and undercut of slip rings & Commutator
  • Technical Advisory and Consulting

Disposal and Cleaning Operations

  • Slop / Sludge Disposal Services – These services are administered safely and in accordance with all local environmental laws and regulations
  • Tank and Cargo Hold Cleaning – Full range of cleaning services available upon request such as Grain Cleaning, Normal Cleaning to prevent contaminations of Cargo and ensure inspection conditions are met
  • Tank Cleaning at Anchorage & on voyage


  • Launch Boat services for Inner Port Limits (IPL)
  • Launch Boat services for Outer Port Limits (OPL – East & West)
  • Lighterage services for cargo delivery to vessels (IPL & OPL)

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