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We are a one stop centre for all your logistic needs. We have a diverse range of facilities with the expertise to utilize them to the fullest. Our role as solution provider means that we complement your business by bringing in superior logistics requirement.

"Aqal logistics customer- friendly shipping professionals aim to optimize customer's business. Ensuring the most efficient routes and modes of transport while reducing costs. Therefore making all the crucial decisions for you. Our shipping routes has strong connectivity with the Intra- Asian region and able to encompass globally."

Rope Access


We have a wide range of rope access capabilities located in Singapore. Our team of specialists have extensive experience within the industrial, commercial, oil & gas and petrochemical industries. Be it an area too high to reach, or a corner to obstructed to see; we will help you reach greater heights.

Rope Access is a faster and more efficient means in accessing areas that may require scaffolding or special machinery to get close to. This makes us a much more cost-effective and time-saving solution to your business.

Mechanical Services

e offer a wide range of mechanical work for residential and commercial buildings, including installation/dismantling of fixtures, banners, advertisements, lighting replacement, painting, mechanical repairs, sealant installation and replacement and many more. Our team is fully qualified accordingly and all our operations will be running in accordance to IRATA guidelines to provide the best service in the safest manner possible.

What documentation will be provided by us?

pon confirmation of job order we will provide a Method Statement, TBRA (Task-based Risk Assessment), FPP (Fall Prevention Plan and a Rescue Plan. This adheres to the requirements of the MOM and the IRATA guidelines.

Is rope access safe?

ope access when practiced according to the guidelines and standards; is one of the safest methods to complete any tasks at heights.All our technicians are experienced and qualified according to IRATA standards. IRATA stands for Industrial Rope Access Trade Association and is an international standard for training and working at height. All our operations, safety as well as equipment adhere to the IRATA guidelines.

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